INDULGE when you are craving about a high quality delicious Mandarin Szechuan meal at an affordable price. Red Lotus is a 100% family owned and operated restaurant that showcases the talents of master chef Chan Lieng behind the wok. Chan is about dedication to his profession, and he has been a lead chef for over 25 years. Chan’s talents show in his uniquely tasteful dishes; and there are literally dozens of them to choose from! (see menu)

Red Lotus has been dedicated to serving the Santee area over the past five years, and is looking forward to many more in this wonderful community.  Whether you are dining in, picking up, or having hot food delivered to your door … this family business is all about bringing you the utmost in quality and service.

All Red Lotus’ dishes are made of the freshest of ingredients and an authentic taste that will make you want to come back for more. Join the Lieng family at the Red Lotus of Santee to make to make your dining experience one to remember!